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Hygeia Public Health 2015, 50(4): 541-548en

Social telerehabilitation opportunities

Gilberto Marzano 1,2/, Velta Lubkina 1/

1/ Rezeknes University of Applied Sciences, Latvia
2/ Ecoinstitute Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

This paper reports on the Latvian national science program VPP INOSOCTEREHI, a three-year multidisciplinary project on social telerehabilitation, started in 2014 and conducted by four Latvian Universities, which is aimed at the use of mobile technology in the field of social rehabilitation.
The activities of the first year of the VPP INOSOCTEREHI project are illustrated here; focusing on the concept of social telerehabilitation, and highlighting the multidisciplinary competences and expertise necessary for developing social telerehabilitation services (social pedagogy, special education, computer science, engineering, physiotherapy).
The conceptual framework of the project is outlined, and the methodology that has been adopted to create the common background necessary to ensure effective cooperation between partners is presented.

Key words:  rehabilitation, social telerehabilitation, social-re-adaptation, social innovation, balance disorder